OneOf’s New NFTs Take Membership Passes to the Next Level

Posted by admin June 14, 2022 in CollectorsNFT News

On June 14, green NFT platform OneOf will launch OnePass, a collection of 10,000 generative NFTs that offer holders a host of online and IRL perks and benefits. Each pass is set to go for $250 during the initial public mint, at which point only 2,600 passes will be available for purchase.

Holders mostly interested in IRL perks have the option to upgrade their pass to the OnePass IRL bundle at the time of mint for $100 extra. Doing so will net them a custom Titanium membership card and 1-year access to OneOf’s “1.6 million partners in dining, nightlife, entertainment, travel, and retail around the world,” according to a statement sent to nft now.

This upcoming project is also set to expand upon OneOf’s Sport Pass, which launched in late February. Speaking on some of OnePass’ goals, OneOf CEO Lin Dai told nft now, “expanding on the success of the OneOf Sports Pass and uniting our community around the OneOf roadmap across genres is the natural next step.” As such, Sports Pass holders will have the opportunity to upgrade their passes to OnePasses during its mint — all free of charge.

Following in the footsteps of VeeCon — an exclusive event for VeeFriends holders — and the BAYC’s track record for providing members with virtual and IRL experiences, Dai hopes to set a new standard for NFT utility with this upcoming launch. “OnePass is a thank you to our community that will bring utility to now and existing members both in the metaverse and IRL in ways unmatched by any other NFT collection,” he said.

Considering OneOf’s working relationships with brands and celebrities spanning music, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle, OnePass’ holders are set to have a wealth of options of things to do with their pass. Here’s a brief overview of what those things will be once OnePass goes live.

Early and exclusive access to collections

If OnePass sounds more like a membership pass to than a conventional NFT launch, that’s because it is. For instance, these passes are slated to grant holders early and exclusive access to numerous planned OneOf NFT collections — a sample of which can be found on OneOf’s official roadmap.

These are set to include NFT collections themed after “Muhammad Ali, Biggie Smalls, TLC, Sports Illustrated, Grammys, iHeart, Pitbull, Doja Cat, GloGang, and many more.” This means they’ll either be early to some of OneOf’s future drops — or the only ones invited in the first place. The best part? These passes come with a lifetime guarantee, meaning this one-time purchase will benefit holders for years and years down the road.

On top of this, OneOf is promising OnePass holders four free NFTs a year, all of which will be exclusive to holders alone. They’re also offering more exclusive giveaways to pass holders via a private Discord channel.

What to expect at the higher tiers

So what would these IRL experiences and benefits entail? We may have gotten a glimpse of what OneOf has in store at the Grammys. Holders of OneOf’s Grammy-related drops were given VIP access to exclusive Grammy events; one lucky holder even enjoyed an all-expenses-paid trip to the award show.

OnePasses will work similarly to this, with more comprehensive — and luxurious — IRL experiences planned for holders of the rarer Platinum and Diamond edition passes. Platinum pass holders are slated to receive VIP invites to OneOf’s digital and physical events, and Diamond pass holders will be able to enjoy quarterly dinners with fellow Diamond holders and OneOf’s founders. These higher-tier passes will be distributed to holders at random during the mint.

With all these benefits lined up for holders, OneOf hopes that this upcoming launch will contribute to their greater goal of “bringing the next 100 million mass consumers into web3.” Fingers crossed they’ll be able to pull this off with this consumer-focused launch.